Monday, February 20, 2012

Killing Us Softly-Still

Killing us Softly 3 is probably one of the best short documentaries I have seen.  When presented with the topic of objectifying women, many things can be taken from this.  As a society, Americans have been objectifying women for a long time.  This documentary is still relevant!  I know that I was skeptical about watching it, but after viewing this, I learned that it is not a recent trend.  This short video was very interesting to think about how things in advertisements have come about; not only in our lives, but also in the world.  It baffels me that thinking about women as an object is something that has been done over time and has only gotten worse.  This video, altough not created recently, is so true.  I know that in my life time I have seen ads picking apart women's bodies.  And with television shows like America's Next Top Model, we have furthered the idea that the perfect body is out there if you work hard enough.  I have seen advertisements for companies such as Dolce & Gabanna, and it was a perfume ad, but what I saw was a man, undoing a woman's bikini because of what was underneath.  To me, that shows, that if I wear this perfume, men are going to be all over me!  Some of us women, believe it or not, are much more modest than that.  It may be hard to believe for many of us, but I think that this video was excellent in portraying an accurate look on our societies beliefs, both realistic and far to unrealistic.

Here is a link for the video if you care to watch it, and I recommend it whether it be for fun or for research!

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