Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blogger: Can I be one??

Throughout my time during this educational technology course, I question if I can be a successful blogger or not.  It's all about timing and writing about something that you have a passion for.  This is why people are successful.  Another thing that is successful is vlogging (video blogging) because people have a passion for what they do.  The blogs I followed have not really discussed what I thought they were going to discuss.  For example, one blog I like to follow is Dr. Zeitz blog.  He posts so many new things in technology that I never would have been able to find on my own, which helps me as I go into the work force.

I see a common theme throughout the blogs in that they are all about education, but other than that, I really do not see a theme.  I obviously selected them because they are going to pertain to me in the future as I want to be a teacher too. Below you can find a link to the blogs that I have been following throughout the year.

I have found that teachers who include real life examples appeal to me more because I can see how it can be implemented in my classroom rather than just thinking about it.  Through images, videos, and actual lessons, it is easier to see how to have a successful implementation of the things found on the internet.

Blogs I follow: - 2 cents Worth Teachers Teaching Teachers The Open Classroom Dr. Z Reflects

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  1. Ms. Harris,

    We like that in the beginning how you told us that you have been studying to be a teacher. We think that this is very interesting. Some of us want to be teachers when we grow up too! Our teacher has wanted to be a teacher since 3rd grade. Why did you choose this career path?

    Mrs. Brown's Fourth grade class