Saturday, December 21, 2013

Second Life Extras

Like previously stated, you can do so much with Second Life.  This one included creating my own fancy attire.  This is something that doesn't take much time to complete.  All I had to do was edit my appearance and change what I was wearing.  This is something that can be done in a classroom that is focusing on business or textiles because it doesn't take much time so students would be able to create multiple things in one class period.  Furthermore, they can possibly put more into their designs and figure out how to market them and what appeals to people today.  Students can figure out what it takes to be successful.  They can also use Second Life as a tool for collaboration and design before actually creating their finished products because it can constantly be changed.  This is something, that if were real, I would wear to a fancy dinner with colleagues or a recognition dinner because of how simple it is.

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