Saturday, December 21, 2013

Second Life Tour: Visiting the Parks

For my Educational Technology class, we had to create a tour in Second Life. I love a little adventure, so that is why I chose to do mine over all sorts of parks.  Below is the tour I have created to access all of the places I would have students visit.  This includes all of the parks I would want my students to visit so they have the chance to see something they may not get to everyday!

Who doesn't love a little adventure?? These places are all parks that have some aspect of adventure to them, whether it be an amusement park for those days where indoor recess just doesn't cut it, or a natural park with waterfalls and caves.  These are the places to go for the most entertaining time in SL.
Artsea Amusement Free Park
    Here you can play around with things that are at a typical amusement park such as a ferris wheel and numerous games.  Things can also be purchased for your own building if so desired.  I personally liked the train because that was my favorite thing at Adventureland growing up.
*Funtastic* Amusement Park ~ ENDLESS FUN!
    This amusement park reminded me more of what it was like to be at a carnival.  There were more rides and such that the kids could participate on if they had down time at the end of the day.
The Chocolate Factory
    This is a replica of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory which may be remembered by students after seeing the movie or reading the book.  This would be like having your own virtual golden ticket to see what's inside.
Virtual State Fair
    Iowa is known as having one of the best state fairs in the country, but not every child has the opportunity to experience that.  So, through Second Life, each student can experience their own virtual state fair, but especially the midway!
Enchanted Adventures Theme Park - Main Street
    This Disney themed amusement park isn't like all the others.  This one is at a haunted theme park.  You can spend your day hanging out with the ghosts, watch a parade fall into the rabbit hole and many more things that include every thing that could go wrong.
Canterlot - Royal City of Equestria
    This My Little Pony inspired amusement park is going to hit home with those little girls in the classroom.  It provides an awesome experience of hanging out with the ponies and touring their castle.  There are even a few games included. 
Winter Wonderland - Holiday Fun!
    This park is just in time for the holiday season.  You can walk around and see the snow and wintery weather throughout the park.  It is very calming for days when the weather outside is frightful, you can sit back and enjoy the weather from the heat of your home.
Winter Park
    This park offers so much to do everyday.  For example, for those parents who are just too scared to let their kids ride a snowmobile, why not do it virtually.  This is the perfect place to do it, and while they are riding the snowmobile, you can take a nice sleigh ride.
Jellybeans Too
    This little town offers so much to do.  From visiting Santa's Workshop to making your own pizza, Jellybeans Too is the place to see.  It is also catered to fit the seasons, so if it's summer, you can expect to go swimming here!
Waterfalls, Caves, Ponds, Streams & Bridges by Fort Serenity
    This park offers so much for people who don't have access to things like caves.  Many Science units talk about different weather related things such as formation of new landmarks, so this park would be the place to explore those things virtually.

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