Saturday, December 21, 2013

Second Life: Tours

Second Life has a lot of options, one of which is having a tour.  These tours can be created by anyone and submitted to a bank where the can be viewed by anyone later on.  This is a great aspect of SL because it allows an educator to pick which places he/she wants her students visiting.  For example, I did a tour about games with in SL.  Below is a compilation of snapshots I took while completing my tour.  While completing the tour, I found a couple of sites that did not seem very kid appropriate, so this is one thing that you would want to do with your tour, which is to check to make sure that everything is appropriate for kids to be seeing.  Another thing that is important to do is to test the games and make sure they work so that the students are not discovering this and having issues with the land they are in.  Lastly, before sending the kids off into SL, make sure all of your places work.  Because some of these tours may have been created a while ago, not all the places work.  For example, the Team Tester within the gaming tour did not work for me when I attempted to teleport there.

This is from Celestial Towers, the one that I did not find
kid appropriate.

This game is a 3 player game, sort of like Simon and that you
select a button and if you get it wrong, you're out.

This game is my ABSOLUTE favorite to play at any arcade!
Whack-A-Mole: what a classic!!

Dance Dance Revolution and Pac-Man! 

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