Friday, December 20, 2013

Second Life: What is it??

Second Life is an online virtual world that allows people to design avatars and create images of what they want to look like.  Second Life allows people to design a world that they wish existed or allows them to create simulations that cannot be duplicated in real life.  With the help of SL, students can create a world for numerous projects that can further their learning.  They can also use worlds that have already been created.  It's simple: all you have to do is search a topic of interest at the top and you can find a bunch of worlds already tailored to your interests.  However, teachers need to be extremely careful with what the students are looking for; in fact, maybe creating a tour would be more beneficial because this allows them to know EXACTLY which lands to go to and how to get there.  Second Life is geared more towards older age students such as high school and college age level.  This is simply because of the complexity of the website.  However, with parents help, I feel as though SL could be beneficial to younger students as well.

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